Is an immigration clerk threat to our sovereignty?

There is little to be said about Shah Rukh Khan‘s travails with immigrations officials in the United States when newspaper headlines read like a contest for ad lines for his next film: “Khan holds up Shah Rukh in US” (The Times of India) and “Because My Name is Khan” (The Indian Express).

And there is even less to be said when you recall former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam‘s dignified silence when Continental Airlines frisked him while VVIPs all around him were breaking into cold sweat, and contrast it with the breastbeating that has erupted nationwide.

Blogger “Rakesh Mathias” however makes a pertinent observation on the media’s response to the troubles of “King” Khan and a similar incident involving a democratically elected leader, Gujarat chief minister Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi:

“When Modi was denied the US visa, India media celebrated the incident and hailed USA as a world saviour. But the same media is now making a hue and cry about the Shah Rukh Khan incident in Newark Airport where he was questioned by immigration officials for more than 2 hours.

“When a democratically elected leader like Narendra Modi was denied visa, even the then central government led by  the Congress filed a diplomatic protest. But Indian media celebrated the incident. Now when a Bollywood showman was interrogated for reasons we don’t know yet but most likely related to whether Shah Rukh had a proper visa or such paperwork, the whole Indian media is creating a ruckus saying India has been insulted by USA as if interrogation by some lowly immigration clerk is threat to Indian sovereignty.”

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