10 questions for the party of The Great Debators

After watching Jaswant Singh‘s media powwow in Shimla following his expulsion from the BJP, PRITAM SENGUPTA in Delhi has a few questions for the BJP:


1) Like, is this how the BJP, a party sworn to protecting “Hindu culture and traditions”, treats a 71-year-old buzurg, a “loyal soldier of the party”, one of the early birds, who has served it for 30 years?

2) Like, isn’t there a culture of sending “show cause” notices and seeking a written or an oral explanation before summarily expelling someone? And doesn’t a suspension precede an expulsion in its constitution?

3) Like, if L.K.Advani could stay after his Mohammed Ali Jinnah faux pas and even end up becoming the “former future prime minister of India”, what is so great about Jaswant Singh‘s boo-boo about Jinnah being demonised that he should be sent away thus?

4) Like, if Advani and his ilk wanted a television debate with “weak, nikammaManmohan Singh in the run-up to the general election, how is it he and they couldn’t stomach an untelevised debate with a retired Major of the Indian Army?

5) Like, is Jaswant Singh paying the price for refreshing Advani’s memory on how he happened to board IC-814 that disgorged Masood Azhar and two other gentlemen in Kandahar? Or is he paying the price for slamming Arun Jaitely, with his “parinaam aur puraskar” jibe, when Advani’s blue-eyed boy was made leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha despite the “nasty jolt”?

6) Since “inner-party democracy” in the Congress often evokes sniggers among BJP folk, are we to conclude that such a concept doesn’t exist in God’s Own Party? That its members aren’t expected to think on their own? That all its members expected to hold only one view which the RSS sends from Nagpur using sparrows?

7) Like, if he did not bat for Jaswant Singh’s retention when Rajnath Singh and the parliamentary board moved to expel him, surely Advani deserves the lifetime achievement award for so systematically eliminating all his rivals?

8) Like, looking at how the BJP is conducting itself, while disintegrating at the same time, can anybody that this very party would have been in power if the EVMs hadn’t malfunctioned en masse?

9) Like, since Jaswant Singh was elected from Darjeeling on the promise of a separate Gorkha state, is that promise now consigned to the dustbin?

10) With Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie now out of the way, will there be a split in the BJP and will Narendra Modi form his own outfit?