‘The only way out for the BJP now is to split’

Jyotirmaya Sharma, a professor in political studies at the University of Hyderabad and author of “Terrifying Vision”: M.S. Golwalkar, the RSS and India, in Mail Today:

Jaswant Singh‘s expulsion means very little for the BJP or its politics. If it has any significance, it is symbolic. It sends a message to the ageing leadership of the party to abandon ambition, retire gracefully and, maybe, write more books.

“Neither is it about a book nor about the book’s portrayal of Jinnah. Rather it is an assertion by the RSS that while it perceives the BJP not as its life-breath but merely an inspired organisation, everyone ought to be told who determines the orthodoxy….

“The only way out for the BJP is to split. A section of the party has to say goodbye to the wise old men from Nagpur and find a less fraught alternative than Hindutva. Periodic allegiance to Hindutva no longer finds resonance with the voters nor does it help with the allies.”

Worldcloud of today’s headlines: courtesy Wordle.net

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