Thank God, one critic thinks ‘Kaminey’ is crap


SHARANYA KANVILKAR writes from Bombay: Vishal Bharadwaj‘s latest film Kaminey has quarantined “film critics” suffering from “Fine Flu” to a port called Tizzy on a ship called INS Conformism.

Stars are being handed out in reviews as if the milky way is soon going to run out of them. Sugary-sweet profiles of the director are being blithely churned out without a health warning for diabetics. And the name of “the most overrated director of the nineties” is being been loosely hissed along side that of the boy from Meerut.

Have Indian film critics/reviewers become so starved of good stuff that they have lost the ability to judge a bad movie when it hits them between the eyeballs, asks Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr, in a DNA opinion piece titled “A pretentious film bambozles critics”.

Parsa writes that for all its hype, all Kaminey has are the stereotypical elements of a regular commercial film, but Bharadwaj makes a meal of it, turning it into a comical spaghetti-gangster film which our “intellectual rookies” can’t even spot.

“Good filmmakers are not conscious of their art. By that criterion, Vishal Bharadwaj does not make the grade….

“A handful of critics who make and mar cinematic reputations. That is why it becomes so important to challenge the assumptions of an existing group of critics who declare some filmmakers and some films to be of great importance….

“People who write and talk about cinema have started shouting that filmmakers like Bhardwaj, Anurag Kashyap (Dev D), Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Rang De Basanti, Delhi 6) are the new rebels who are subverting commercial cinema in a meaningful fashion.

“The critics’ verdict is patently untrue because these filmmakers remain on the margins. Popular taste refuses to be moulded by the self-appointed arbiters of taste. That is why it is so necessary to call the bluff of the critics when they anoint faltering filmmakers like Bhardwaj as the masters of cinema.”

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