Who is this man who is defending L.K. Advani?

When the whole world is pouncing on Lalchand Kishinchand Advani in the late evening of his political career, one politician sprang to his defence on Barkha Dutt‘s The Buck Stops Here on NDTV last night.

The politician slammed the media for targetting and tarnishing Advani and reminded the world the place that Advani deserves in our contemporary history.

“Why are we digging old wounds? It’s over and done with. Why do you want to hang Advani? Why the hell are you people playing it up so much? An icon will fall.. You want it to fall… Advani is an icon India can never forget. He has done everything possibile for India. He has thought for India. He has lived for India. He will live for India till his last breath.”

Now who could this gentleman be?