Once upon a time in Marimallappa’s High School



Twenty-five years after they passed out of Marimallappa‘s High School in Mysore, the “10th B” batch of 1984—including one very, very famous Mysorean—walked down memory lane last Saturday, 29 August. They sat on the same benches they warmed a quarter-century ago, compared notes and (hopefully) compared paunches.

In the picture below, the group pose for posterity.

Standing (L to R): M.S. Suresh, Rampi, Gopalakrishna, Yadugireesh, R. Satish, B.R. Rajesh, Ananda H., H.R. Prasanna, R.K. Ramesha.

Sitting(top L to R)P.G. Srinivas, Vinay Kumar, Hemantha S.R.

Sitting (2nd row from top, L to R): M.P. Manjunath (Keeki), J. Srinath (Babu), S Manjunath (Akasha), H.S. Shailesh

Sitting (2nd row from bottom, L to R): Nagesha, Sharath K.S., Ananthaprasad, G. Ramesha, Ashley, B.A. Suresha, Kishan

Sitting (bottom row, L to R): VB Arun, Mohandas K.S., Veeraraje Urs, Raghavendra (Rags), (Missing in action: K.N. Srikanta)

Photograph: courtesy Arun V.B. via Picasa