‘Surprised, very surprised, saddened, appalled’


As if the circus so far hasn’t been hilarious enough, the BJP president Rajnath Singh has issued a gag order threatening action against anybody in his party who “favours” Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

In an interview telecast on CNBC TV18 on Sunday, Vir Sanghvi spoke to Jinnah’s grandson Nusli Wadia, who has for decades been a close associate of the creme de la creme of BJP and RSS, on the self-flagellation within the sangh parivar over Jaswant Singh‘s book leading to his expulsion from the party and a ban on the book in Narednra Damodardas Modi‘s Gujarat.

Sanghvi: Given that you knew them so well, are you surprised by the way the BJP behaved?

Wadia: I am surprised, yes. I am very surprised, saddened and appalled.

Cartoon: courtesy E.P. Unny/The Indian Express

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