Will cross-country marriages help ‘unite’ India?

Chetan Bhagat, the author of the best-selling ‘One night @ the call center‘, is touting his latest book ‘2 States: the story of my marriage‘. The Delhi-born Bhagat, who is Punjabi but married to a Tamil-Brahmin from Thanjavur, is asked in an interview in The Sunday Times of India what one can do for one’s country.

His answer: “Marry outside your State.”

“Punjabis will have their meals sitting on the bed with plates piled on sheets of the previous day’s newspapers. But at my in-laws’ house, meal times were confined to the dining table and food was had in complete silence. It was a real culture shock.”


Is marrying outside your State going to make India a better country? Would you like to (if you haven’t already, that is)? Will marrying outside your State it help us understand each other better, sink differences, bring us closer? Can marriage become a national mission?

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