Between lower upper-class and upper lower-class

Shwetal Bhatt of Bangalore, in a letter to the editor of The Hindu:

“A typical middle class man (MCM) is one who pays taxes, drives to work on congested roads which the government planned to widen using his money but never did, suffers backache due to potholes and pays huge hospital bills. Entertainment for him is advertisement. As much as he would like to believe that he makes intelligent decisions with his money, he buys products which he is told are new only to discover that they are inferior to what he bought earlier. What he buys today is advertised as given free the next time in an unbelievable “buy one, get one free” scheme.

“The MCM spends the first part of his life getting grades. In the second part, he makes his children secure grades and, in the process, begins to understand what he learnt only to discover that it is too little too late. This continuous hindsight is a constant malady of the MCM. He deals with the auto-driver who does not feel like going in a particular direction, the bank clerk who needs his tea break before looking at him, and so on.

“The MCM is not represented in the government because he is hard to find. You never see or hear him. The only people who know him are the advertising guys.”