When akrama becomes sakrama, a pralaya is next

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji steadied herself, holding on to the towel rack, while the rain waters that had gushed in to the bathroom, swirled around her.

I lifted her and took her upstairs. She changed her seere and refused coffee and made some kashaya to keep herself warm.

Idu enu yamagalige bantho, Ramu? Idu Bengaloor-o athava Mathsya loka-vo? A couple of more downpours like this, and the city will drown like the Titanika we saw on TV the other night.”

“It’s Titanic, Ajji! You’re right. It can happen to Bangalore sooner.”

“With rains everyday from 4 ’o clock in the evenings and the kind of drains we have for rain water to escape, the City will soon become Bangalore Island.”

“Nija, Ajji.”

Alvo, only a couple of days back they were saying ISROPPA found water on moon.”

“It’s not Isroppa, it is ISRO an organization headed by Madhavan Nair.”

“Nair and his boys went all the way to find traces of water in moon?  Our neighbour Software Subbamma (both her children work as software engineers) told me she heard on TV that if you scrape a ton of moon rock you will get only 32 ounces of water which is just enough to remove the bitter taste once you drink kashaya. Here we are drowning in our homes, in buses, under the huge potholes which is Bangalore now. We can ourselves give Nair hundreds of kodas of water provided he and his boys take it away all night and return the koda.”

“Yes, Ajji.”

“I don’t know why they have introduced so many Volvo buses under JURM or JURMANE or some thing like that.”

Ajji, I have already told you it is JNNURM named after Jawaharlal Nehru.”

“Whatever they call it! Instead of Volvo buses, what we need here are speed boats to wade around our streets. It will be easier to navigate in Bangalore.”

“Ha-ha-ha. Ajji.”

“We need submarines like Akula for our namma Metro network. Only we should identify high rise places like Naraharirayana Gudda, Bugle rock , Kempe Gowda’s gate in Lal Bagh and Vidhana Soudha to make stations.”

Ajji, ninna plans sakkath aagide.”

Innondu vishaya kano. Government has already spent thousands of crores. They should spend another savira koti and ask ISROPA to do some specific works.”

“To do what, Ajji?”

“To find out how much cement have been used by our PWD Engineers and their contractors while making the roads. I think they have used budhi (ash) or vibhuthi (sacred ash) in place of cement. They have diverted all the cement to the sites where they have built palatial houses to accommodate 365 shirts to wear  each day of the year, commercial complex for a 100 cars rental agency in wife’s name!”

“Nija, Ajji.”

“Government is also helping akrama to become sakrama by collecting some sakkare! I read all the ministers are now doing ‘Chinthana’ in Suttur.  Along with the opposition parties, the CM and his colleagues should do ’Manthana’   in low lying areas of Bangalore and out of the churning, if not the bodies of drowned children,  at least come out with solutions how to save the city and the State from drowning.”

“Nobody knows when they will take such steps Ajji.”

“We don’t know whether the world will end in deluge, but this much is certain. Thanks to unscrupulous politicians of successive governments, greedy town- planners and beppuBMP officials, Bengaluru ondu divasa prayalayadalli kocchikondu hogodu khanditha,” concluded Ajji.