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The November 26 siege of Bombay took the spotlight away from the shenanigans of “Sadhvi” Pragya Singh Thakur, “Lieutenant Colonel” Shrikant Purohit and others allegedly involved in the Malegaon bomb blasts of September 2008.

But Friday’s bomb explosion in Goa, in which two members of a Hindu right-wing group ‘Sanatan Sanstha’, a non-profit organisation set up by Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale, a clincial hypnotherapist from Bombay, were killed, has brought “Hindutva Terrorism” squarely back to the pseudosecular table.

Like in an earlier incident in Nanded (Maharashtra) in the house of an RSS worker and a blast in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) where two people with links to the Bajrang Dal were killed, the victims in Goa were in the process of setting off the bombs, when they met their maker.

Cartoon: courtesy Prasad Radhakrishnan/ Mail Today

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