Yella not OK, but Supreme Court silent yaake?

Senior advocate Anil Divan, a signatory to the original memorandum of charges against Justice P.D. Dinakaran of the Karnataka High Court, in The Hindu:

“The Justice Dinakaran controversy is ‘snowballing’ and is diminishing the image of the judiciary with every passing hour. National dailies have been reporting various news items.

“Some of the headlines run: “Dinakaran elevation put on hold” (The Hindu, 11.10.2009); “TN report may nail Dinakaran” (The Times of India, 11.10.2009); “Dinakaran row: Panel may ask Govt. to consider others” (The Indian Express, 11.10.2009); “Supreme Court studies secret report on Dinakaran” (The Times of India, 11.10.2009); “Dinakaran move to SC held up” (The Asian Age, 12.10.2009); “Government to take possession of Judge land” (The Asian Age, 12.10.2009); “Charges pile up against Dinakaran” (Hindustan Times, 13.10.2009); and “TN farmers now add to Dinakaran’s woes” (The Indian Express, 13.10.2009).

“The informed citizen is inquiring — what is happening? What are the decisions of the Collegium? Why the delay in appointing four other State Chief Justices to the Supreme Court — all senior to Justice Dinakaran? Why is Justice Dinakaran being permitted to sit and discharge judicial functions in spite of serious allegations being looked into? Even though over a month has expired there is no press release, official statement or information officially given or emanating from the Supreme Court.”

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