Is Brand Manmohan bigger than Brand Sonia?

R. Jagannathan in DNA:

“One of the big developments of 2008-09 is the rise and rise of brand Manmohan. The brand is probably as big as brand Vajpayee was in 1999 after the Kargil war and rivals that of brand Sonia—at least in urban India. In fact, we have seen two things happen simultaneously: the old brand Manmohan, reformer of the 1990s, has been quietly demarketed, and a new brand, a touchy-feely-honest-to-god Manmohan, has arisen in its place.

“The new brand is androgynous, not macho. It appeals across the gender barrier, and that is probably the prime reason for its success. In a sense, the new Manmohan is a throwback to the old, pre-reform socialist Manmohan and hence not merely an invented identity…. Manmohan Singh has the same opportunity that Vajpayee had to take India to the world stage. He should know his own strength and use it wisely.”

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