Who will win if there is a snap poll in the State?

M.K. VIDYARANYA writes from Bangalore: The “Operation Kamala” launched by the BJP with the monetary support of the cash-surplus mining lobby headed by the Reddy Brothers has turned out to be a Frankenstein for chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa.

Just like Frankenstein had the ability to obtain information about an individual, sense the emotions of others, and the perceive the future, the Reddy brothers through their money power have been able to drive a wedge in the BJP and wound it where it hurts most.

The current imbroglio appears to be the fruition of a long-term strategy on the party of the brothers to take control of the State, starting with their help to Yediyurappa to wean away fence-sitting legislators which saw that the first ever BJP government in the South.

However, the paradox is stark and striking.

While Yediyurappa is intensively touring the flood affected areas and taking steps to provide the solace to the people day in and day out, dozens of legislators, like Nero, continue to fiddle in resorts in Goa and Hyderabad, unmindful of the fact that Rome-nagara is burning.

The Karnataka governor Hans Raj Bharadwaj is reported to have conveyed to the Centre the prevailing political instability in Karnataka as the administration has been seriously affected due to the infight between the warring groups in the ruling BJP.

The utter failure of the Karnataka Intelligence is the root cause of the political instability.

A few months back when newspapers reported that the tourism minister and mining lord Gali Janardhana Reddy was poised to become the chief minister, it was taken lightly by the BJP and the intelligence. They did not pick up the signals, crosscheck the report, and probe the matter.

Even the efforts made by the National BJP high command headed by party stalwarts like L.K. Advani, Ananth Kumar and Sushma Swaraj were not able to solve the issue as the Reddy brothers claim to have a support of nearly 50 MLAs  are not budging from their path of demanding the change in leadership.

Result: ff the Reddy group demands separate seats in the Assembly,then there would be ample room for the Opposition to demand a test of the BJP’s strength on the floor of the house.

Vested interests joining hands with the mining lobby have been burning the midnight oil to dismantle the Yediyurappa government even though it has been elected by the people, for the people and of the people.

If this continues, the people of Karnataka will not re-elect the legislators who are trying to dislodge the BJP government in Karnataka, if elections are declared by the Union government keeping in view the instability in the state.