As Akbar asked, ‘Karnatak ka takht chahiye ya…?’

In The Telegraph, Calcutta, Radhika Ramaseshan invokes a line from Mughal-e-Azam to explain the Karnataka conundrum:

Anarkali” is ready to leave but the dissidents are still asking for “Salim’s” head.

“Karnataka minister Shobha Karandlaje’s exit seems almost certain but BJP leaders were not yet sure whether the resignation of chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s confidante would buy peace with the recalcitrant Reddy brothers of Bellary….

“Earlier this week, a source had hinted at a solution to the standoff over flood relief efforts by quoting a line from the film Mughal-e-Azam — “Hindustan ka takht chahiye ya Anarkali (Do you want to rule Hindustan or covet Anarkali?)?”

“It was the choice Akbar had ordered Salim (later Jehangir) to make when he found out that his son was besotted with the courtesan.”

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