Two unanswered questions in l’affaire Karnataka

KPN photo

All that needs to be said about the ongoing political tamasha in Karnataka has been said.

That B.S. Yediyurappa had it coming. That the Reddy Brothers weren’t helping him all this while for fresh air and hope. That behind every successful politician, there is a woman (and she needn’t be his wife). That the BJP is only reaping what it sowed.


But few are asking the two key questions.

# One, can a set of miners, howsoever powerful and howsoever monied, appropriate to themselves the responsibilities of the State (like rebuilding the lives and houses of the flood-affected). And when they are not allowed to do so, can they just start bawling like spoilt brats and hold the verdict of the people at gunpoint in various resorts and hotels?

# And two, can the principal secretary of a State, an IAS officer with a demonstrated record of integrity, V.P. Baligar, be transferred just because one of the sides involved in the internecine battle in the ruling party doesn’t like him or finds him an irritant in its path and designs?

Photograph: The Vidhana Soudha artist, Thomas, paints the nameplate of the new principal secretary to the chief minister, I.S.N. Prasad, who replaces V.P. Baligar in Bangalore on Friday. (Karnataka Photo News)