The clock’s ticking again on a clumsy compromise

Editorial in The Indian Express on the BJP crisis in Karnataka:

“The compromise formula — a minister exiting, officials replaced — may have bought the Karnataka wing of the BJP time. But the clock is ticking, and another round of bickering cannot be said to be averted.

“The sordid drama was regrettable on many counts. For one, it exposed the unsavoury interface between business and politics. Then there are too many questions left hanging. Can partisan interests hold a government hostage? Can bureaucrats and district officials become pawns in chess games that their political masters play?

“For the steel frame to be so blatantly twisted speaks of its complete subordination to the political process. But the most disquieting aspect of the drama was its pettiness…. The clumsy compromise, that too played out in public, has highlighted the absence of a strong central leadership that can exert its will.”

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