It’s true, political analysis = fortune telling

Astrologer Veenu Sandal on what the stars foretell for Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa in M.J. Akbar‘s fortnightly magazine, Covert:

“His stars indicate that his long experience of more than 20 years in public life will continue to be challenged strongly by dissidents who started their political careers much later but are far more powerful. As now, so it will be upto mid-2010—Yediyurappa will have his back to the wall, with factionalism, opposition and a signficant degree of deceit continuing to be a bane. He will be locked in bitter feuds, pulled between the necessity of devoting time and attention to development work and keeping his detractors at bay. In fact, despite the support extended to him by key people it will be only after September 2010 that he will be able to recover lost ground in real terms.”

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