‘Ayodhya destroyed what is essentially Indian’

The former India correspondent of the BBC, the Calcutta-born Sir Mark Tully, on 6 December 1992:

“I witnessed… many tragedies often involving people whose names will not be recorded in history, but, asked to recollect one incident I reported for the BBC, I’ve chosen Ayodhya because it was a denial of something which I regard as quintessentially Indian.

“The culture of India is by its very nature accommodating, and for centuries it has allowed all the great religions of the world to make their homes here.

“Hindus traditionally accept there are many ways to god and, as one 20th Century Western scholar has put it, “for the dogmatic certainty that has racked the religions of semitic origin Hindus feel nothing but shocked incomprehension.”

“So India with its Hindu majority should be the last place to find religious fanaticism. It should be an outstanding example of religious pluralism in a world where people of different faiths still so often find it difficult to live with each other.”

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