We are all outsiders & insiders in India i.e. Bharat

In the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser, Jay Dubashi addresses the “outsider” bug that is biting several States and cities against the backdrop of the assault on Samajwadi Party MP Abu Azmi by MLAs of Raj Thackeray‘s Maharashtra Navnirman Samithi (MNS) because he addressed the Assembly in Hindi instead of Marathi:

“We are actually both insiders and outsiders, particularly in India. In fact, I cannot see how an Indian can be an outsider in India. This whole great country is ours, no matter where we are. I am an Indian. I belong to all and they all belong to me. But there is a problem. If I belong to all, I must show that I belong to all of them and they belong to me. I must not run them down, because they do not speak my language or because they dress differently. We are all Indians, we are all one people, wherever we may live.”

Link via The Indian Express