CHURUMURI POLL: Most exciting batsman today?

Virender Sehwag‘s dismissal for 293 in the first hour of play on the third day of the third Test match at the Brabourne Stadium erased hopes of his becoming the first batsman ever to score three triple centuries or of becoming the first Indian to reach 400.

Nevertheless, that should not deflect attention from a key truth: the Nawab of Najafgarh in full flow is a breathtaking sight on the cricket field. Cruel, carefree, uncluttered and total paisa vasool. As the chairman of the selection committee, K. Srikkanth, puts it, only Viv Richards was more brutal.

That said, smaller boundaries, terrific bats, ridiculous rules, unimaginative bowlers, not to mention one-day cricket and Twenty20, have resulted in a surfeit of Sehwags around the cricket-playing world. So, the question: who is the most exciting batsman to watch today?