CHURUMURI POLL: Separate statehood for Coorg?

There are three visible dangers from the manner in which the process of statehood for Telangana has been initiated overnight.

One, it will act as a spur for other claimants to ramp their demands for statehood, legitimate and otherwise. Two, K. Chandrashekhar Rao‘s fast unto death will result in copycat protests. And three, there will be widespread opposition, legitimate or otherwise, from the rest of existing States, like there has been in Andhra Pradesh with the resignations of MLAs and MPs.

Even so, few can deny that the toothpaste of decentralisation is out of the tube of federalism.

Separate statehood for Coorg in Karnataka is one of several applications pending with the Union home ministry.

Questions: Will it now be entertained? Should it? Do regions like Coorg, despite their vast riches, have it in them to survive and sustain themselves as separate States? Are the grievances, real and imagined, so intractable that they can never be solved in the existing state? Will a strong votary of smaller states like the BJP, allow Coorg to be hived off? Or it it time to reorganise States nationally, once again, going beyond language?