CHURUMURI POLL: Can Sushma save the BJP?

Six months after leading his party to its most spectacular crash yet, “the man who sowed the dragon seeds of hatred“, Lalchand Kishinchand Advani, has bid adieu to the post of leader of opposition.

On the face of it, the “former future prime minister of India” has been elevated to the newly created position of chairman of the BJP’s parliamentary party. In reality, well, in reality the Nagpur-based “cultural” organisation RSS is calling the shots. So Sushma Swaraj in place of Advani; Nitin Gadkari in place of Rajnath Singh.

Questions: Will Gadkari and Swaraj be able to haul the BJP out of the coals? Are these relatively younger personnel the “generation next” that BJP supporters are waiting for? Will they be able to inspire their colleagues? Or, will the BJP which has seen enough trouble in recent months see more of it?

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