What is the governor telling the chief minister?

On the day the new BJP president, Nitin Gadkari, was grandly announcing that “indiscipline” would’t be tolerated in the party with a difference, Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa was decorating his delicate crown with a very affectionate thorn.

A “loyal and disciplined soldier” of the party and a proud upholder of Hindu values, Honnali MLA M.P. Renukacharya, better known in the gutter press as “Nurse” Renuka, took the blessings of an elder and then took oath as a minister in the name of all the mutt heads.

Now what could Governor H.R. Bharadwaj be telling Yediyurappa? (Of course, even Renukacharya doesn’t know judging from his blank look.)

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News