The compassionate humanism of T.S. Satyan & Co

Star of Mysore editor K.B. Ganapathy, a close friend of T.S. Satyan for decades, on the legendary lensman and his brother T.S. Ramachandran:

“Though born to a Brahmin family, Satyan did not allow himself to be bound by the caste, tradition and rituals. In fact, his mother Rajammal and father Dr. Subramanya Iyer, a medical doctor by profession, had long broken the barrier of caste and creed that our society was steeped in….

“A few days after Satyan’s last hurrah, a meeting was held at Maneyangala in Kalamandira to condole his death. Among the speakers was a senior scientist from CFTRI, now retired, Dr. Javaraiah Nanjundaiah, a Dalit by birth. What he spoke on that day was a great revelation about the concern and compassion of Satyan’s parents as also his siblings towards Dalits.

“Dr. Javaraiah Nanjundaiah, while studying in Hardwicke High School, was staying at the Dalit Hostel in Jayanagar.

“One Brahmin youngster T.S. Ramachandran, brother of T.S.Satyan, used to visit the hostel to give tuition. As such, Ramachandran was aware of the poor condition of the hostel where the quality of food served was bad and on many occasions not served at all. As a result, some of the students had to starve.

“Seeing the predicament of Dr. Javaraiah Nanjundaiah, Ramachandran arranged for food and shelter in his house with the permission of his parents, which was granted without reservation.”

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