Can IT-BT Bangalore produce another C. Aswath?

churumuri mourns the passing away of C. Aswath, an iconic voice that emblazoned Kannada theatre and cinema with folk and light music, on his 71st birthday, in Bangalore on Tuesday.

In this video-grab of the 2007 film, Matha (starring Jaggesh), Aswath brings home one of life’s truisms: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


Staggeringly, Aswath worked with the Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) in Bangalore for over 25 years, retiring as executive engineer. All through the public sector behemoth allowed his talent to blossom and bloom.

How many of our modern companies, including “IT-BT” companies, hire employees from outside their area of operation? How many would encourage and allow employees to develop their talents?

In short, does modern industry have any role to play in society, except to generate “shareholder value”, also known as profits, and building a few toilets or donating a few wind cheaters with their signage so that the public can see what their corporate social responsibility is?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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