When did 328 become greater than 1,00,000?

KIRAN RAO BATNI writes: It’s a pity our friends in the English media have become such baavi kappegal* that they assume that the English medium CBSE education system is equivalent to the nation’s education system, as Vineeta Pandey assumes in her DNA story here.

So let’s have the the data speak for itself.

According to the 2008-9 CBSE annual report (page 113), there are only 328 CBSE schools in Karnataka. Contrast this with the more than 100,000 schools affiliated to the Karnataka state department of education, and it’s easy to see how wrong the English media is.

In Karnataka, Kannada medium schools attract 82% of the total number of schoolchildren, and 77% of all the schools in Karnataka are directly run by the government of Karnataka (a further 6% run from government aid).

Only 8% schoolchildren go to English medium schools in Karnataka.

This makes it clear that the central government plays no significant role in the education system of Karnataka.

Nor do English medium schools, nor does the CBSE board, nor do private schools in general.

This is the story of pretty much every other state of India, too. Hence, the nation’s education system is everything but what the English media tells you it is.

Can someone tell me what makes the English media believe that 1,00,000 is less than 328? How did 328 come to define the nation’s education system and how did 1,00,000 come to be neglected in the nation’s education system?

Is this only arithmetic dysfunction or the propaganda of an unholy nexus? Or is this just a case of what the English media prefers were the case because CBSE schools are basically English medium schools whose children would tend to read English newspapers which they sell? In any case, shall we request that data be considered holier?


*Note: baavi = well, kappegalu = frogs (I’ve eliminated the usual “u” from “kappegalu” so that “kappegal” and the next word “that” can form a Kannada-English sandhi, making it easier to read, as happens in Kannada speech. The term baavi kappegalu connotes frogs in the well which believe that the well is all there is to the world.


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