The statement the IPL team owners didn’t make

CNN-IBN sports editor Gaurav Kalra dreams up a graceful statement that the IPL team owners could have made instead of the farcical reasons they have been trotting out on why Pakistani players were ignored in the bidding for season 3:

“We, the team owners of the Indian Premier League regret to announce that none of us will be bidding for any Pakistani players at today’s auction. We have arrived at this decision with a heavy heart and after detailed consultations amongst ourselves. Our decision has been conveyed to IPL chairman Lalit Modi and we have requested him to convey the same to the 11 players who were up for auction and the PCB. While we are in no doubt about the high calibre of the Pakistani players available, our hand has been forced by matters beyond ours and indeed the players’ control. We fear that in the current political environment, the presence of Pakistani players may create unexpected security concerns which are best avoided at this time. We apologise to the players and the Pakistan Cricket Board for the inconvenience caused in getting security clearances from their foreign and interior ministries. We would also like to assure the players that the door is not closed on them for future editions of the IPL and it remains our sincere hope that fans will be able to enjoy their resplendent talent in this tournament’s future editions”.

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