Hopefully, the Chinese are watching this salute

On the day the Indian republic turns 60, a screenshot of the homepage that no longer flickers as brightly as it used to on computers in China. After its belated outburst against Chinese censorship, is Arunachal Pradesh in India or China, or is it a disputed territory, for the folks at Mountain View?


Anne Applebaum on the patriotic Indian crowd, on Slate:

“Not nationalistic, not imperialist, not aggressive, but rather self-critical, focused on what is still wrong as well as what has gone right… No one remotely intimidated by being there, no one afraid to say anything aloud. It’s that sort of patriotism, so hard to find in China and Russia, that gives India its lively novelists, its open public culture, its energetic film industry. It’s that sort of patriotism that, if it can be encouraged and maintained, will keep Indian politics diverse and democratic over time—even if the economy stops growing.”