Divine sanction for mass murder of mute animals?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: ‘Rivers of Blood flow at animal sacrifice in Raichur Village‘, screamed the Deccan Herald headline on February 15, when thousands of buffaloes and rams were butchered as part of a sacrifice for the ‘Durgamma Devi Jathra’ in a village near Raichur.

Apparently, the temple committee had a ‘secret buffalo service’ in which thousands of buffaloes and 7,000 rams paid with their lives for the wellbeing of the presiding humans.

We have famous swamijis in Karnataka some of whom are national Padma award winners, some of whom proclaim their love to man and beast, some of whom preach non-violence frome every pulpit and podium. They sit on thousands of acres of land doing discourses, meditations, prayers.

How come not one of them have condemned an incident that amounts to nothing less than mass murder?

Since events such as these are an annual ritual in the name of religion, it is a divine shame no guru/swamijii/ godman has come out against this horrific practice.

And how come none from the media, both press and electronic, question this barbaric butchery beyond reporting the bare details? And how come none from the media have the voice to question the so-called swamijis’ for not raising their collective voice?

Photograph: Members of Karnataka prani daya sangha stage a dharna at Basaveshwara circle in Bangalore on Friday in protest against the killing of animals during the devi jathra in Koppal Dist (Karnataka Photo News)

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