From: Comrade Varada. To: Comrade Karat

W.R. Varada Rajan, a 64-year-old left trade union leader in Tamil Nadu and a CPM central committee member, has committed suicide because he was unfairly hounded and removed from all posts of the party for some “offensive and inappropriate SMSes” he allegedly sent to a woman.

But before walking out of his home never to return, Varada Rajan wrote to CPM general secretary Prakash Karat detailing his woes. That letter has now been published by The Indian Express, and it presents the picture of a party being held hostage by careerists and opportunists.

Varada Rajan’s body was discovered in a lake, identified by his wife and cremated on Tuesday with none of the party bigwigs in attendance:

“I am shocked to find that for this “misconduct”, the party state secretariat had come out with a proposal of summary removal from all elected posts in the party as punishment. The imperative that any punishment ought to be proportionate to the misconduct may be dismissed as a bourgeois concept; but the proposed punishment in my case is grossly unjust and severe, in the backdrop of earlier cases of proven physical sexual relationship involving party members in Tamil Nadu at the level of CC member to state committee member.

“The reason for making such a harsh proposal, as adduced by the chairperson of the enquiry committee at the meeting of the party state secretariat, was that the secretariat faced humiliation in the last two meetings of the party state committee and hence to safeguard the credibility of the party state secretariat such a proposal was essential. To my regret the entire party state secretariat bought this argument and carried the proposal to the party state committee and had the same endorsed.”

On the strength of Varada Rajan’s letter, is there a fit case for the CPM leaders in Tamil Nadu and Delhi to be booked for abetment of suicide?

Put another way, would the media and intelligentsia be reacting in the same, supine way had a BJP leader written such a letter to Narendra Modi and walked to his death?

Read the full letter: Yours comradely, W.R. Varada Rajan

Image and text: courtesy The Indian Express