Just one question I’m dying to ask Nithyananda

Nearly a week after a crystal clear video of his achievement of “life bliss” with the one-time actress Ranjitha took him to the apex of Twitter, YouTube and Google, the self-proclaimed “Piddling Paramahamsa”, Nithyananda, has surfaced, Osama bin Laden style, to read out a grainy, boilerplate, “official” response.

“Dear one and all

“There have been many allegations against me and my organisations in recent days. But at the same time, I have also received a flood of supporting emails and testimonials, from devotees all over the world. They are all shocked to hear these allegations.

“I want to assure you all, all of you, that nothing illegal has been done by me or by any of my organisations.

“We are collecting in the process of collecting evidence to establish the falsity and motive of this smear campaign that has been going against me. I will address all the allegations and issue a detailed explanation. Meanhile, I urge everyone not to rush to judgement before all the facts have been put on the table and carefully examined.

“Please wait for a few days till we collect all the facts, all the informations, and clearly present it to you all. I thank all the devotees for their overwhelming support and for standing with me at this challenging time.

“Thank you, thank you all.”

Clearly, the “Piddling Paramahamsa” places no store by what people have seen, and is only concerned about what people have heard, namely the allegations of gobbling up land, who is behind the video, etc.

What is the one question you are dying to ask the “Piddling Paramahamsa”. Please keep your queries short, yogic, and full of ananda.

Link via Vidhi Likhitha


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