‘Women’s bill will only increase State’s power’

Parsa Venkateshwar Rao, Junior, in DNA:

“The policy of quotas and reservations in India does not promote the right to equality as much as it enhances the power of the State to do social good, which has been expanding continuously for 60 years because it has been felt by political parties that the State must do certain things.

“That is why reservations for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and Other Backward Classes is a gesture of state benevolence in the guise of fulfilling social commitments which have not resulted in equality but only sharpened the politics of identity.

“Women’s reservation bill too is supposed to promote gender equality but what it really does is create yet another special interest. And society is turned into a bureau of cubbyholes. And the power of the State is increased yet again.

“Women will remain beholden to parties and their agendas. The argument that a women’s constituency will force the political parties and the state to pay attention to women’s issues is not convincing because women do not constitute a homogenous segment. There are as many differences among women as there are in society.”

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