Another dastardly secular assault on a Hindu titan

From The Telegraph, Calcutta: “The day 20,000 marauders pounced on an aged saviour

“Around 2.30pm [on 28 February 2002], around 20,000 people baying for blood stormed the Gulbarg Housing society. Since the gates of the housing complex were shut and the boundary walls were high, the mob used gas cylinders, taken from houses plundered on the way, to blast the wall from the front and the rear. Once inside, the mob, armed with swords and tridents, killed whoever they could lay their hands on.

“Chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, the mob ringed Jafri’s bungalow and started screaming out his name. It was then that Jafri, realising that help would not come and that the lives of all the others were in danger, decided to give himself up.

“The septuagenarian leader offered to pay the mob to spare the lives of the Muslims. The moment he opened the door with the money, he was pounced upon and dragged out. The mob struck him down with a sword, cut off his hands, chopped off his legs and then set him ablaze. The remains of his body were never found.”

From The Times of India:

“Witnesses in the Gulbarg massacre trial, like Imtiyaz Pathan and Saira Sandhi, have told the riot court that they had heard [former Congress member of Parliament] Ahsan Jafri calling up [Gujarat chief minister] Narendra Modi for help when mobs had surrounded Gulbarg society, and that Modi had allegedly abused the ex-MP on phone. [Jafri’s widow] Zakia Jafri had filed the FIR in 2006, charging the Modi government of aiding and abetting the accused in the carnage that shook Gujarat between February 2002 and May, 2002.”

Infographic: courtesy The Telegraph, Calcutta

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