Goodbye democracy. Say hello to Quotocracy?

Pratap Bhanu Mehta, president of the Centre for Policy Research, in the Indian Express, on the women’s reservation bill guaranteeing 33% seats in the lower house of Parliament and legislature for women:

“Behold all, the rise of Quotocracy! Experience the bliss that is this new dawn.

“Quotocracy is distinct. Voters by turn are obliged to vote for someone with particular ascriptive characteristics…. Quotocracy has its own principle: victimhood. No quotocracy can be sustained without it….

“Quotocracy has consensus: all divisions between left, right and centre are dissolved by quota. And those who oppose quotas are accused of treason…. Quotocracy creates a new distinction between public and private. Privately you may oppose quota, but you politically act on that belief at your own peril….

“Quotocracy has its own conception of justice. It is not equality, or capability or fitness or fairness. It is simple arithmetic: 33 here, 22 there, 50 for the rest. And since arithmetic can be complicated there is no point doing fractions and subdivisions….

“Quotocracy prizes group think. You are your group. Quotocracy is premised upon ascription. You are what the state certificate says you are: SC/ ST or OBC. You can be this and no other…. Quotocracy makes constitutionalism subordinate to itself. So what if some states exceed 50 per cent and the courts for fear are unable to pronounce a verdict.

“Quotocracy redefines the scale of values: excellence is a ruse for domination, self-reliance a tactic for injustice and so forth…. Quotocracy thrives on historical amnesia. The British used two tactics: divide and rule. And they said that we were infants because we could not think outside of caste and community. We were incapable of self-government…. Quotocracy likes divide and rule. And it also thinks we are incapable of self-government.”

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