Quotas in foreign Universities on Indian soil?

The Congress-led UPA government has moved a bill allowing foreign universities to set up shop in India. The entry norms specify a minimum corpus of Rs 50 crore, regulation (but no ceiling) of fees by the University Grants Commission (UGC), non-remittance of profits from educational activities, and a possible exemption from quotas for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

R. Jagannanthan, executive editor of DNA, says the bill is designed to kill the IITs and IIMs, and all government-run academic institutions. Reason: it gives the foreign universities the kind of leeway and elbow room that is denied to State-run Indian universities.

Result: Indian institutions will become like BSNL, Air-India and ONGC.

“Will the government allow the IITs to set their own fees for regular students, thus allowing them to subsidise the SC/ST candidates and the poor?

“Will the IIMs be allowed to enforce affirmative action in their own way without being forced to admit poor quality students in the name of quotas?

“What will happen when the foreign institutions come here and offer their own salary packages to the best remaining professors? Who will teach at the IITs? Just the dregs?”

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