Bangalore boys get a thumbs up from global girls

In an effort to spread cheer and happiness to far corners of the country in these bleak times, the Hindustan Times corners the cheer girls of the Indian Premier League for their considered opinion on crowds at IPL matches, on strict condition of anonymity, of course.

“The Mohali crowds get very crude and nasty. They look as if they’ll get violent,” said one of the girls from Johannesburg (she cannot be named as cheerleaders are not allowed to speak on such subjects to the media)

“Bangalore was their favourite city. ‘The people are good and the atmosphere is brilliant,’ said one of the girls.

“Their second favourite city is Mumbai (and no, they haven’t been hounded by Sena types). ‘We’ve had no problem there,’ the cheerleader said.”

Finally, how was Delhi? The Capital was dubbed “okay“.

Photograph: Saggere Radhakrishna/ Karnataka Photo News

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