What Congress can do, BJP can do even better

Siddharth Varadarajan in The Hindu:

“The Delhi and Gujarat massacres are part of the same excavated site, an integral part of the archaeology of the Indian State. Eighteen years separate 2002 from 1984. Eighteen is normally the age a human being is considered to have become an adult. Inhumanity also seems to take 18 years to fully mature.

“In an act of conception which lasted four bloody days, something inhuman was spawned on the streets of Delhi in 1984; by 2002, it had fully matured.

“Paternity for the ‘riot system’ belongs to both the Congress and the BJP, even if the sangh parivar managed to improve upon the technologies of mass violence. Both knew how to mobilise mobs. Both knew how to get the police to turn the other way. Both knew how to fix criminal cases. Both knew what language to speak, even if one set of leaders spoke of a ‘big tree falling’ and the other paraphrased Newton. Both had the luxury of not being asked difficult questions by criminal investigators.

“Until now.”

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