CHURUMURI POLL: Double fault by apna Sania?*

Indian tennis’s glam-puss Sania Mirza‘s surprise announcement that she would tie the knot with former Pakistani cricket captain, Shoaib Malik, is getting curiouser by the second.

She met him six months ago in Australia. No, wait, she was already engaged to Sohrab Mirza at that time. He is already married. No, wait, he married somebody on the phone. He had never met her. No, wait, he was fooled into it, but, hey, she says she had a miscarriage. That’s his first wife in the photograph. No, wait, that’s his first wife’s elder sister.

The first wife, Ayesha Siddiqui, says she has nothing against Sania; she only wants a public divorce from Shoaib. No, wait, she has filed a police complaint of cheating, criminal intimidation, and subjecting a woman to cruelty. Sania and Shoaib insist the marriage will take place as schedled. No, wait, it will be advanced. They will have a reception in Pakistan. No, wait, the immigration authorities have seized his passport and can’t leave India.

Question: Notwithstanding that it is a matter of the heart and a persoal matter, did Sania think through all this before taking the plunge*? Is Shoaib really so naive as his interview makes him out to be*? Will the marriage the take place as scheduled*? Will a proud daughter of Hyderabad attain lasting peace and happiness*? Is this all a publicity gimmick to make The Times of India‘s Aman ki Asha campaign a success*?

******* Tongue firmly in cheek