CHURUMURI POLL: Dinakaran, fit for Sikkim HC?

After months of dithering, l’affaire Justice P.D. Dinakaran has suddenly gained steam. First, The Hindu reported that the Supreme Court collegium had decided to ask the tainted chief justice of the Karnataka high court to go on leave as he was not performing any judicial work since December, hampering the court’s activities.

Then, after “reports” that Dinakaran was going slow, giving the impression that he was defying the collegium’s advice, the law minister Veerappa Moily has made bold to remind him that “the hand of law is long enough to catch anyone” and that Dinakaran is “neither above or beyond the reach of law”.

Meaning: Justice Dinakaran will have to go on leave as advised pending the completion of an inquiry as part of the impeachment proceedings launched by the Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari “on charges of land-grabbing, corruption and abuse of judicial office”.

Now, Dinakaran has been transferred to Sikkim High Court. This is apparently being done so that the chief justice slated to replace him in Karnataka (Justice Madan B. Lokur) is not placed in a piquant situation should Justice Dinakaran cancel his leave and return before the inquiry is complete, etc.

Questions: If Justice Dinkaran is unfit for the Supreme Court, can he be fit for Karnataka? If Justice Dinakaran is unfit for Karnataka, can he be fit for Sikkim or any other State? Is north-east India justified in seeing this posting as yet another sign of apathy shown by mainland India?

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