CHURUMURI POLL: Is there a scam in the IPL?

The words of war between the IPL commissioner Lalit Modi and the minister of State for external affairs, Shashi Tharoor, over the Cochin IPL team and all the stories emerging from the fracas suggest that there are serious questions before the much ballyhooed Indian Premier League.

Details have emerged of massive conflict of interest between the IPL administrators and the franchises; convoluted ownership patterns with links to offshore centres like Mauritius; political and other skulduggery to push handpicked corporate houses and cities; open and underworld threats, and so on and so forth.

As it is, the farcical quality of cricket in IPL, the overriding commercial interest, the cheergirls, the Bollywoodisation, the betting, have already attracted reams. The promotion of “IPL Nights”—after-match parties with players in attendance—have also sparked fears of a sex scandal looming around the corner.

Question: Do you sense a scam in the IPL? Do you believe the astronomical numbers mentioned in the auctions for teams and players? Will IPL survive all this and thrive? Or will it sink itself and Indian cricket into irrelevance?

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