Will this picture appear on Page 1 of your paper?

Candle-light vigils have emerged as one of the crappiest, most vacuous, celebrity-driven made-for-TV phenomena of our times.

Well-fed, good looking men and women, speckled with the star dust of a few out-of-work celebrities, holding smart alecky banners and placards; delicately lining up to protest, express sympathy, etc; getting their mugs in the paper; and then going back to doing whatever they were interrupted from.

Well, here is a candle light vigil we would like to see on the front pages of our newspapers and supplements tomorrow. Real women from the garment factories of Bangalore and its outskirts—their eyes, faces, bodies showing anger, anguish, bewilderment, concern, confusion, hope—at the town hall in Bangalore on Friday.

Their demand: a probe into the death of their colleague and compatriot, Roopa.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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