‘Male & female ecstasy, including sexual energy’

Wonders never cease in the wonderland that the self-styled paramahamsa Nityananda created before it unravelled through a full-colour video presentation of the swamiji in horizontal repose.

These, above, are two pages from non-disclosure agreement that “volunteers” at the ashram had to sign before they took part in “ancient tantrik secrets” as part of the “learning from the master” programme.

“Volunteer solemnly affirms that he /she is over 18 (21 years old, where 18 is not the age of majority) and have the right to access and possess adult material in his community…. that he/she does not find sexual or adult oriented material associated with the practise of any trantric rituals or any other adult material to be offensive or objectionable.

“Volunteer understands that the program may involve the learning and practise of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/ spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony, and freedom….”

Click on the images to read the full text.

Question is, can this NDA, purportedly signed in September 2009, and found by the police during raids on the ashram, stand in a court of law? Does this save the “piddling paramahamsa”?

Images: used for representation purposes only

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