If you don’t die in a tragedy, you are a nobody?

Death—ordinary, unglamourous, “smalltown” death—increasingly catches the English media on the wrong foot. Unlike “26/11”, in which almost as many people were killed in the Mangalore air crash, you do not find the television and print journalists crawling on all fours or falling over each other to get to the spot.

As if death by any cause other than “terror” is no death.

As if death in any city other than Bombay and Delhi is no death.

As if death outside of a five-star hotel or two is no death.

The wisecrack of the day comes from Pritish Nandy, former editor of the now-defunct The Illustrated Weekly of India, as if the media is doing “anonymous people” a favour by giving them airtime on a day like 22 May 2010. Otherwise, they might as well not have existed.

As if, otherwise, the media’s mandate is to merely bring home “people like us”.


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