Do it yourself: How to kill a City in 53 easy steps

Future historians looking for solid, incontrovertible evidence on how a mentally challenged civilisation which couldn’t think beyond its arse, nose or purse, killed a fine City, need look no further than IT Halli,  Bengaloor.

On Wednesday, the sadomasochists began chopping the legs of the capital of the “knowledge hub of Asia” to construct an underpass at Tagore Circle in Basavangudi. Those who missed the macabre sight, can breathe easy: 52 more will such murders will take place in broad daylight in the next few days. Book your seat.

As the writer Paul Theroux, returning to the City he had passed through 35 years earlier, wrote in 2008:

“The proud, tidy, tree-shaded town of the recent past was now a huge, unfinished and deforested City sagging under its dubious improvements, where it was impossible to walk without falling into an open manhole or newly dug ditch. Most of the sidewalks had been torn up and the trees cut down in the interest of street-widening. The bypass roads and flyovers were all under construction, wearing a crumbled and abandoned look, and the skinny men working on them, poking the clods of earth with small shovels, suggested they’d never be completed.”

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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