One question I’m dying to ask Sri Sri Ravishankar

India’s Future Nobel Laureate, Sri Sri Ravishankar‘s protestations of a dastardly bid on his life have come to nought with the Karnataka police asserting that the stray bullet that grazed past “Mr Shankar” five minutes after he had left the assassination spot was aimed not at the godman but wild dogs on a neighbour’s farm.

Disappointing “Internet Hindus” who saw this “incident” as another assault on Hinduism, the DGP Ajai Kumar Singh has said the neighbour had fired at the wild dogs which were blocking his way, one of which sailed across into the Art of Living campus and lovingly caressed a disciple’s trousers.

What is the one question you are dying to ask Sri Sri? Like, is there a Swami Nithyananda angle behind the exaggerated efforts to paint this as an assassination attempt?

Please keep your queries short short, sharp sharp, and CoD-friendly.

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