Sons of the son of the soil meet the son of the oil

For all the sanctimonious claptrap, there is little doubt that the house of elders has morphed into a money-making machine for political parties as all manner of industrialists, corporate chiefs and moneybags book their seat in the most exclusive club in India to promote their business and other vested interests.

On Monday, it was the turn of United Breweries (UB) group chairman, Vijay Mallya, the “doctorate of philosophy in business administration from the University of Southern California“, to pay the reservation fee plus some change for the upcoming Rajya Sabha poll as an “independent candidate” .

Helpfully filling up the frame on the right, JDS state president H.D. Kumaraswamy and his elder brother, former minister H.D. Revanna, to show that the party of humble farmers does not ignore those who make secular use of water from barley.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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