CHURUMURI POLL: A Kannadiga MP for Bihar?

Should an “outsider” represent us, is a question that dogs linguistically resurgent Karnataka whenever a Rajya Sabha election is round the corner. Should a Telugu (Venkaiah Naidu) represent Karnataka? Should a Malayalee (Rajeev Chandrasekhar) represent Karnataka? Should a Sindhi (Ram Jethmalani) represent Karnataka?

But should a Kannadiga represent Bihar?

That’s exactly what the promoter of Bangalore’s Garuda Mall, B.G. Uday alias Uday Garudachar, is seeking to do by throwing his hat into the Rajya Sabha ring from the State. Bihar has five vacant seats and Uday, son of former Bangalore police chief B.N. Garudachar, has entered the fray as an “independent” candidate.

“Bihar is a part of my great country. I thought the state apt for making my political debut in electoral politics,” Uday has said in an interview. He says he he was swayed by the fact that Bihar was a state badly in need of investment and that his election would helps its cause. “Even Gandhiji started his struggle from here.”

Uday’s nomination was proposed by ten MLAs, including three Congress MLAs, and the independent MLA man who pushed his nomination has been quoted as saying the “great entrepreneur” will bring investments to his State. Already there are reports indicate that independent and BSP MLAs may have fallen “prey” to the lure of the “behind the scene promise of lucre” from the rich trader.

Uday, who counts the filmstar politician Ambarish among his partners, declared assets of Rs 20 crore at the time of filing nominations, which was accompanied by considerable drama. He flew to Patna in a chartered plane and two SUVs were used to block his entry into the Bihar Assembly to file his nomintion papers which were delivered to him at the last minute by a scooter.

Question: If it is not OK for “outsiders” to stand from Karnataka, is it OK for an “outsider” to stand from Bihar? And is Bihar’s development really the reason for Uday Garudachar to stand fromthat State?