CHURUMURI POLL: Mandira B. or Mayanti L.?*

Now that the quarter finalists of the FIFA World Cup have been identified, the most tempting churumuri poll to conduct is, “Who will win the World Cup?” But that would be too predictable, although the results are not. And, moreover, there is no “Indian angle” to it, therefore not enough maza.

We could also tell you a joke. (Like, what’s the difference between the English football team and a tea bag? Answer: a tea bag stays in the Cup longer.)

So, to fill a vital blank in the soccer discourse, and given our commitment to all things Indian and sport, here’s the next best thing we could come up with: who do you think is the better presenter?

Cricket’s Mandira Bedi (left), the wide-eyed Punjabi girl who gingerly learnt the game with experts while she adjusted her noodle-straps? Or football’s Mayanti Langer, the Kashmiri lass whose breakneck diction cannot distract conspiracy theorists from wondering if she is a surreptitious product placement for Adidas’ Jabulani ball?

On the other hand, if you are such a crashing bore, you could still entertain us by predicting who will take home the World Cup.

* Please feel free not to take part in this poll should it offend your (soccer and/or gender) sensibilities.