CHURUMURI POLL: Is South India in a big mess?

On paper, peninsular India comprising Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu—and Maharashtra which for all practical purposes lies below the north-south fold—top the table in almost every human development index the United Nations has come up with.

Literate, educated, industrialised, with lower rates of infant mortality, poverty and population growth than the rest of the country, high GDP growth rates, higher per capita income, greater purchasing power etc, the southern States are the “happening” States, way ahead of their BIMARU counterparts.

But despite all these positives, or partially because of them, is the South also bursting at the seams?

Andhra Pradesh torn asunder by the Telangana episode and the Jagan Mohan Reddy rebellion. Karnataka riven by rampant casteism, parochialism and corruption, the mining scandal of the Reddy brothers being just the latest manifestation. Kerala facing communal violence of the sub-primal kind as evidenced by the chopping off of the arm of a mischief-making professor. Tamil Nadu in the grip of a monopolistic family corruption with nothing called a free media. Maharashtra caught in a swirl of under-development, farmer suicides, linguistic and regional chauvinism. Etc.

Question: Is south India in a right royal mess?